Full Face Hair Removal

Clients who sit for a full-face threading experience all the best that threading has to offer. With an exquisitely clean glow, the face is prepared for any natural skin or makeup routine.

A full-face threading service includes the forehead, eyebrow shaping, sides, upper-lip, and chin.

About Your Full-Face Service

A full-face service consists of the forehead, eyebrows, sides, upper lip, lower lip, and chin.

Your stylist will first consult with your regarding specific needs as well as collect detailed information for any areas that reach the hairline or require shaping.

Once seated this service can take approximately 20-45 minutes.

After this service keep this area clean and avoid touching skin with your hands.

Gently cleanse and moisturize as normal.

Before and after:


The entire procedure may take something between 30-and 45 minutes. The chin and eyebrows should take around 15 minutes, while the full face should take anywhere between 30-45 minutes, depending on the thickness of facial hair.

Full face threading includes eyebrows, chin, cheeks, lips, and sideburns, advanced skincare, and massage.

Within two weeks, you will be fully recovered from your thread lift. There are some activities that should be avoided as the tissue heals; for example, vigorous exercise as well as facial massage.

The recovery time for a full face threading is only about a week or two. Bruising and soreness are common during this time. It is highly recommended to schedule a full face threading at least two weeks prior to any important events or public appearances

After you have full face threading, you can apply extract or natural pulp as well as aloe vera lotion, to the affected areas, which significantly reduces pain.