Side Threading

Side threading generally includes just below the eyes down to just above the chin. Threading in this area enhances the natural glow of the cheeks and leaves them silky smooth.

Hair removal by threading in this area prepares the skin perfectly for a natural day with just a bit of moisturizer and offers a flawless canvas for those glamorous makeup moments.

About Your Side Threading Service

Side threading is specific to each client.

It consists of the area around the lower eye line down to the just above the chin area.

Your stylist will consult with you regarding your side hairline as well as any other concerns about this area.

Once seated this service can take approximately 10-20 minutes.

After this service keep this area clean and avoid touching skin with your hands.

Gently cleanse and moisturize as normal.

Before and after:


Threading the sides of your face is definitely worth the money. Those ladies who want a clean and precise look but don’t have time to spend plucking or perfecting by themselves will find it an ideal choice.

Since no dangerous chemicals or hot wax are involved, the side threading method is completely safe for all types of skin.

You can resume your normal routine after a side threading. Following the procedure, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind:


  • Avoid excessively rubbing the sides of your face.
  • For 2-4 hours after treating the area, do not touch it.
  • Make-up and perfume should not be applied for 2-4 hours after the procedure.
  • Keep away from steam treatment and other heat sources for at least 24 hours, including sunbathing, tanning beds, saunas, and hot baths.
  • Do not swim or spray tan for at least 24 hours after the sides of your face have been threaded.
  • It is not recommended to repeatedly touch the treated area with your fingertips. Your fingers might contain bacteria that will enter open pores, causing infection and breakouts.
  • Excessive drying of the skin can also cause irritation. You should always moisturize your skin.

Obviously, the speed of the process is a major advantage. Within seconds, entire lines of hair can be removed mechanically.

Side threading removes several hairs at once without any notice, so the brain and pain receptors have little time to react. Additionally, the skin is not directly contacted, making it gentler for those with acne-prone skin or skin that is especially sensitive.

Side threading lasts around four weeks. There are several factors that affect this, such as your natural hair growth cycle and if you take supplements to promote hair growth or get laser procedures to reduce it.